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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

It all began when fashion became 'fast'. Fast to produce and fast to put on the shelves so consumers can have a different selection of clothing every week. Fashion has changed from producing a range once a season, to now producing a range every week.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

Australia alone produces 6000kg of fashion waste every 10 minutes.

Twenty percent of the world's freshwater pollution comes from the textile industry, three trillion gallons of freshwater are being used to treat and dye garments each year.

Can this be changed? or putting it differently... how can we change these devastating impacts on our environment?

'There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness'. Gandhi

The pressure is forced upon the garment manufacturers, mostly in India and China to make clothing in unrealistic timeframes, in unacceptable conditions who receive less than a living wage. Fast fashion has been created to please the consumer, a fact I am finding hard to agree with.

As a consumer I was happy with a new range every season. What are your thoughts on this? Do we need so much so often? It may be that the world demands things more often and faster but I believe at the end of the day, it is all about money. So much money for the clothing companies. So little money given to the actual people that make the clothing, the farmers that produce the crops to make the materials, so little thought given to the entire production process and the affect it is having on the Earth.

'The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step' Lao Tzu

After lots of research and study I am now ready to take a step forward, to inform, educate, and provide advice in what it means to be sustainable and ethical within the fashion industry. Through starting a blog, I wish to share my knowledge and learnings with you all and contribute in some way to help restore and repair the fashion industry to the beauty and quality that it once was. I believe sustainable and ethical fashion is the way of the future and I feel the need to speak up, to increase the awareness, to protect the workers and to protect our Earth.

Do you ever feel a piece of natural fibre, 100% organic cotton or 100% linen and feel a familiarity, does it feel nice on your skin? It is because it reminds us of nature, of our connection with nature. We have become such an urbanised society, we have lost what it means to be content with what we have, to not waste, to be kinder to ourselves and our environment, to not need to consume to make us happy for five minutes until the next shop. I believe if we can find our connection with nature again, even if it is through our clothing that we choose to put on our body then it's a start, we will be kinder to ourselves as well as becoming a conscious consumer, creating a more sustainable and ethical life and protecting the nature that surrounds us.

'You don't have to be wealthy to buy sustainably, you just have to know where to go get it'. Marci Zaroff

I will be defining what it means for fashion to be sustainable and ethical. I will provide some suggestions on where to shop and what steps to take to assist you in making more conscious fashion choices. I will also be releasing a map identifying sustainable and ethical Australian fashion brands, designers and labels to embrace their efforts in minimising their impact on human health and our environment as well as helping you locate them. These are just a few of the many ideas and topics I will be discussing in my future posts so please if you are keen to learn and discover more then stay tuned!! There are truly some amazing creative people that have already begun to change the fashion industry for the better, through design and innovation, it is extremely exciting and positive! I can't wait to share this with you.

For now be content with what you already have in your wardrobe, wear the clothes over and over again and by doing this you will already be contributing to a better future for us and our Earth.

Special thank you to Shaun, Zara, Ruby, Mum, Simon, Carlie, Pam & John for always showing me love, support and encouragement, to Kat, for being my inspiration and showing me we can do anything we put our minds to and to Najla and Nicole for both being my rock. I love you all xo

Thank you for reading my first blog!


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