Quality Vs Quantity

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Why pay a little more for Quality?

Since #discovering the #impacts of #fastfashion and learning more about what is #sustainable and #ethical #fashion, I have become very #passionate about speaking up for what is right. I want to #share my knowledge and increase the awareness amongst my family, my friends, my local community and if possible, the World.

I knew that if I wanted to do all of this, I needed to start with #myself.

In the past 10 weeks, I have purchased one ethically accredited #dress from #manningcartell and a pair of shoes from an op shop. To be honest, I have not really missed buying new things. The biggest #challenge I faced was to clear out my wardrobe and condense it down to a simple closet with only the necessities, donating the remaining clothes to a local charity.

By simplifying my #wardrobe, I was able to find those nice pieces which were hidden away and forgotten about!

I found that the more often I wore the same clothing over and over again the more I became #attached to it. By wearing a garment often, I was able to tell if it was good quality and made to a high standard, it held its shape and didn't fall apart unlike the mass produced cheaper garments that only lasted a few months and I wasn't able to wear them as much.

As part of the course: Fashion & Sustainability with the #londoncollegeoffashion and #kering, I completed an exercise which made me learn about #quality Vs #quantity. I was asked to count how many items were in my wardrobe and note which items were of most importance to me and why. I chose my mustard coloured thick, warm, long jacket which I purchased in London 12 years ago and a dress I wore to my hens night that I purchased 10 years ago. I reminisced, thought of how they made me feel and how much I still felt for each piece. My findings from this simple exercise, which I am sharing with you today, is that that the #oldest garments in my closet were also my most #valuable to me as they had been with me the longest and brought me so many great #memories. I realised then and there that I would rather pay a little extra for quality and be able to wear them for years to come, than spend $10 on a t-shirt that will contribute to landfill in a few months time.

INTRODUCING THE EARTH STYLIST'S #riseupfashionchallenge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rise Up Fashion Challenge involves only making Sustainable, Ethical and Vintage clothing purchases within a 10-week period. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I am happy to #help you along the way! How about starting right now!

I would #love for you to join me in finding out what is out there, to help us shop more consciously, and by doing so we can encourage clothing brands to change their practices to become more sustainable and ethical. We can rise up together and help the fashion industry rise with us, improving wages and conditions for the garment workers, stop the use of harsh chemicals which are contaminating the drinking water in overseas communities, stop the diminishing of human and natural resources and reduce waste. Helping our earth, our people and enabling a better #future for all.

Whilst you sit and decide if this challenge is for you, I will leave you with this...

Below are three images, an image of myself wearing a dress, which has also been worn by both my daughters.

My message to you is to buy quality, hold onto them, because the photos below show just how special one piece of clothing can be.

Quality Vs Quantity, an easy choice for me:


Years of wear, less waste in the world,

Protecting our environment, our earth and our People,

Potentially a family heirloom, creating many beautiful memories


Join me in making a difference and saying no to fast fashion! #riseupfashionchallenge

Stay tuned for more support and advice. I will be publishing a page with a number of resources including links and suggestions to #guide you on your #journey.

Please sign up to my #blog to receive ongoing information about the challenge.

Let us be apart of something huge, to make a difference and stand up for what is right.

Thank you for your time!


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